Here are some companies we are currently interested in, we used our Reporting Accounts site to check into potential clients, suppliers or service providers.

Bick Accountants Ltd  an Exeter based provider of Accountancy Services.

Bailey and Sons (plumbers) Ltd guess these guys do what it says on the tin, a Wellingborough based company.

What we like about our site is that it is quick and easy to pull up information about anyone as we speak to them and using Google Maps we can quickly zoom in and use street view to get a rapid idea of their setup and the likely kind of people / outfit we are or will be dealing with. Our Twitter URL Shortener it would be nice to see this get around Google.

Also we have been busy in November promoting more of our content around the web.  Here are a couple of the places that I really like and enjoy developing

Bloglovin this is a great site, the idea is simple, basically an RSS aggregator with extra content added in, the results are great though and the result very compelling and fun to use.  One of my posts on Bloglovin can be found here.

I have also launched a mini site not done anything like that for some time, but I’ve started working with Strikingly and that is also a fun and positivie place to hang out.  See the blog section and

What company info can I find for free this covers some of the free content available around the web.

Benefits of monitoring your suppliers – as the title suggests you can avoid problems by close monitoring of suppliers. – One of the top SEO community and web analysis tools

Picture / image site unsplash.