Quick Links

Over the last 6 months I have been trying out various url shorteners they are all good, at the moment I like owly the best only because the image of an owl seems to be more memorable that bitdo or bitly.  I can’t see any issue with any of them however.

Reporting Accounts

Owly http://ow.ly/6wkP30htnBl

Bitly http://bit.ly/2ChM5QU

Google https://goo.gl/joJz2x

Bit do http://bit.do/dYSzJ

Twitter :- https://t.co/ixhdMosxZe

LinkedIn https://lnkd.in/es_5-CD

Tiny URL https://tinyurl.com/y87y7jzb

Godaddy http://x.co/6nLMG

There are a few more around also but in this niche there is not a great deal of further innovation that would be useful so I think the niche will stick with pretty much the above players for the time being at least – of course these all get 100 of millions of clicks each day and so on.