Web 2

We are slowly developing our own network of web 2.0 properties, I’ve learnt from experience that there are many factors or ingredients to having a successful network.  Firstly it is not enough to just create an account on one of these sites and post, due to Google Crawl budget a page won’t get indexed  unless it itself popular so that means cross linking through comments, building up a network of followers on each platform, building up likes.  Then of course there are twitter tweats, facebook comments and more etc etc.

Here are some of my places of interest so far

Medium this is a great site with a very high authority and reputation rating.

Bloglovin – a cool site which uses RSS feed as well as normal posting but is particularly tough to get picked up because of the same reasons its scale works again you unless your account is really well established.

Eklablog – a sort of French Blogging platform seems to be strong with a lot of authority I am getting somewhere with it I think at least.

Report and Accounts, this is a mini site which complements our Reporting Accounts site, I often post blog posts on here about companies in the news.  I enjoy having a few different business related blogs,

As I have learnt it takes time an effort to develop each and every one of these and if you don’t there is little point as there are few benefits to the create account and just post once or twice style of campaign you find on the cheap gig sites.