A great dating and travel site

I’ve seen a number of dating and travel buddy type of site spring up recently, I tried a few with varying degrees of success, yes I chatted with some lovely ladies (or I thought they were ladies – in hindsight maybe I hoped they were female – you never know with some of these sites LOL).

Anyway I have settled on a great site I really like called offtogether, I guess its a play on words and really they mean to get off together !

You can met some very lovely people on this site, they are all verified and real, plus interesting and if nothing else a fun way to travel and see the world for a guy on his own into girls and travel, and even more into girls and travel at the same time ))

Seriously this place is the undiscovered country of datings sites, and I strongly recommend you get into it, fill your boots and everything else for that matter )).


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