Welcome to our blog, we are a talented team of designers, coders and marketers dedicated to creating the best sites possible for our clients.   Unlike many agencies we are selective with who we work with and only do so once we have gotten to know people.

We have a network of our own sites which pays our bills and keeps us busy, but from time to time we like to take on projects where we feel we can add value and our team can gain knowledge and experience to increase our own value.  Sometimes we turn people away, but that should not be seen as offensive in anyway, sometimes we are flat out busy and it just doesn’t fit with us.

But sometimes it does, so it is always worth asking!

Here are a couple of our sites so you can get an idea of the sort of work we do and so on.

Reporting Accounts – this is a large site with nearly 5millions pages of financial information about UK companies, their owners and Directors, it makes extensive use of lucene and runs on a dedicated server.  We’ll shortly move its database to a separate dedicated MySQL box but for now it makes full use of its own server.  The site is monetised with Google AdSense and other banner providers and has a lot of development potential.  It operates in a niche where most providers offer information for sale, whilst it offers more or less the same for free, generating income from Advertising.  The model is good and whilst currently UK focused we are actively considering expanding to other locations.


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