Bermuda a great place for a business or leisure

Bermuda is a place I have been to many times, It is however very expensive at the moment which is a bit of an obstacle, however my dream is to get back their and buy a place and settle back down.  I worked there for 3 years back in the 1990’s I loved the place, the relaxed feel to the place and the pink beaches always come back to me when I think back on those happy years.

I have a connection to the place still, some friends (well mostly one!) who I keep in touch with, plus I do some web design work for a customer there still.  He has two websites both of which I like.

Bermudian Ventures – as the name suggests specialises in Bermudian Company formation and management, they are based off Front Street in the Capital Hamilton.

Bermudian Life – this is the same guy, but more of a personal blog about his life and experiences in bermuda, he doesn’t get a lot of free time hence why the blog needs a lot of work to expand, but it is fun checking by to see progress.

Anyway its fun for me, as its a way to remind myself of the tropical beaches and good lifestyle there.   The weather in Bermy (as the locals call bermuda) is balmy all year around 19-20C in Winter and 29-30C in Summer which is really really nice believe me, compared to England at least.




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