As a former accountant I still take some interest in Accountancy and visit accounting related websites from time to time.  A high quality one(s) I can recommend are the Accountweb sites.

I have a couple of profiles on those already

Accounting Web UK – My Accounting profile can be found here

The also run a US site which is great considering we have our HQ in Bermuda and have a lot of dealings with the US my US account Profile can be found here also

The sites are very good quality and have many interesting posts relating to Finance, tax and Tech issues.  Talking about Accounting I have started using Xero and it is surprisingly good.  My Xero profile is here.

Brings back some good memories thinking about finance and accounting ))

Can’t believe time has flown by and after all these years I am back working in Senior Finance roles again, I am now involved with Finance recruitment and undertaking Portfolio FD type of work myself, of course I have a website to help my promote this area which is called  and can be found here FD Capital.  Whilst a bit of a shock to the system, I must admit to enjoying  being seen, treated and paid as a professional accountant again.  It is what I know and did for such a long time after all.

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